I think that we need more sense of humour on our roads

Most of us had experienced aggression on roads. Unfortunately, there are many angry drivers. They are angry and dangerous. Such attitude can ruin the whole day. However, this is not simply unpleasant. It is also quite dangerous. If you are aggressive, you cannot be focused on driving as much as you should. Angry drivers are more likely to act dangerous on the road, while doing their best to tease another driver with such behaviour as starting to race or avoiding being overtaken.
Among the significant quantity of hatry and aggression on the road, I watch also the manifestation of good sense of humor with big pleasure. Such acts are getting also more and more present on our roads. They could take various forms.

Article written by: Eli Christman
Source: http://www.flickr.com
E.g., I have seen that charming bus 2 days ago. It had various funny pictures at the height of heads of passengers. As a result, one passenger looked from my perspective like he had Einstein’s wig. Some girl had her head just in the middle of the sun. This looked simply amazing! It was very funny way of refreshing ordinary buses. I am convinced that that cheered up not just me, but also other drivers who had noticed it.

Yesterday I have seen a vehicle that was covered in car wrap nyc. Thanks to that wrap it looked like there were many cute snakes trying to squeeze this vehicle. That might sound creepy when I write about it, but both my son and I found this very funny. There are also many really funny slogans on the vehicle.1 of my favourite one said: If you can see that, you are too close to my back. Human ingenuity knows no limits. Isn’t it great?

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Article written by: http://demural.co.uk/
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It is sorry to express, but we nonetheless live in a huge problems in spite of the authorities who attempt to convince individuals that they are incorrect.

I believe that we need far more of such acts of great sense of humour on our roads. They could help in it. At this moment, there are just too a lot of aggressive drivers. I believe that with such funny things at least some of those aggressive drivers would become less angry. And thatwill automatically increase the safety on the roads.
Consequently, if you have a nice idea how to show your sense of humour on your car, do not be shy – just do it! Remember that it is good not merely for you but also for a lot of drivers you pass by every day while driving.
2018/02/02, 11:49
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