Bishkek - nice place for holidays

After Poland become part of European Union, its inhabitants get a chance to fly whole around the globe for a song, because of small airline carriers. Even now, one decade after, those firms also are surprising us every year with new connections available.

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Since 2017, Polish voyagers get a chance to visit central Asia in really reasonable price.

When you have never been to this region, you need to go to Bishkek Vacation in this amazing capital will be phenomenal, it's guaranteed. At start, even if you aren't an admirer of an art, you will be captivated by local architecture. It's great combination of ancient, Arabic structures, Social realism masterpieces and spectacular, modern skyscrapers.

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Cause after 1991, Kyrgyzstan, the state, develop much, and it may be seen in Bishkek, it capital. First of all, you have to visit a market for a shopping - plenty of exotic spices you will find in there. Beside, don't forget to visit local museum of history.

You are perhaps wondering, how to get from Warsaw to Bishkek Vacation like that will be very simple to plan on your own. First of all, you have to book airline ticket. The best will be to do that six months earlier - the prize will be very interesting.

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Beside, in case of one week trip, you shouldn't get checked in bag with you, cause it is payable. And you don't have to be afraid about accommodation - motels in Kyrgyzstan are much cheaper then in Poland. You can reserve a room online, with international website with plenty of hostels available.

When you are looking for less ordinary vacation, Bishkek is perfect place for you.

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The capital of Kyrgyzstan is very fascinating area with great monuments to observe. Beside, you do not need to be wealthy to travel there, cause cheap airline tickets are affordable. You only have to reserve it earlier.
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