Various ways of gaining energy – advices, advantages and disadvantages.

Today there are a lot of various ways of obtaining the energy. Some of them are environmental friendly. however some are still polluting our world, but they are not expensive and well-known. People have been providing energy for their apartments, cars and industry from our planet natural resources such as coal, oil, gas, sun, wind, water and from artificial sources like nuclear power plants. Every of those ways have their good sites and bad sites.

Coal and oil are very common, however they pollute the Earth, besides after some period of time they going to be ended. Gas is cheap and lots of of present carrs have it instead ordinary petrol, nevertheless it have to be delivered from far away in pipes and it is strongly explosive, which endanger its users. Photovoltaic power stations are environmental friendly,


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which is clearly that they don’t pollute environment, but they may be dangerous for birds (they mislay they air path when they are flying upon these sort of stations) and, what is significant for the investors, photovoltaic power stations are not cheap. Wind farms are very effective and popular, specially in China, however the wind power equipment is expensive and they take a lot of place.

Hydropower doesn’t pollute our planet, nevertheless it may disorder natural icrease of the river’s creatures job (see much more you can read on the internet) the water power plants must be well made to make possible the water transport (including ships and ship equipment). Nuclear power plants are very effective, nevertheless they are very dangerous (all of us have in memory the terrifying accident in nuclear power plant in Chernobyl in Ukraine), after leak from some oil company we have an oil stain we can see it and we can implement some actions to stop it, but first of all we have knowledge about where it is, but radiation is invisible, it doesn’t have smell job (see check the facts) what is the worst thing it is active many years.

The most effective way of gaining the green energy is water power plants, which gain energy and give a opportunity to transport many things (even large units with ship equipment can be transported in this way), big wind farms (where the wind power equipment help construct large fields of pure energy – one of the best producers is the Republic of Poland) and an energy from the sun (nowadays even cars may be charge in this kind of way).

It is very important to search various Methods of obtaining natural energy. The decision in what kind of world we are going to live in the nearest future belong to us.