Travel to Kazakhstan for a song

When we are thinking of future holidays, often we have a hard time to decide where to travel. Nothing surprising in this, cause every year small airline carriers are creating new connections from our country.


Autor: Valsts kanceleja/ State Chancellery
astana vacations

Autor: Dainis Matisons
The same is in 2017, because since now Kazakhstan doesn’t need travel visa from our voyagers. So maybe you’ll consider to visIT this great country?
When you want to travel in not costly method, you should book at least 6 months ahead airline ticket from Warsaw to Astana Vacations could be even cheaper, when you decide not to bring checked in baggage with you, because carry on is regular size, so you will have a chance to bring a lot of belongings with you, also some cosmetics. Next thing you have to take care of is accommodation. Fortunately hotels in Kazakhstan are much cheaper then in ours, so you won’t waste a fortune. You could book a room online, with international webpage with accommodation. In plenty of times, all inclusive option will be available.

You are probably wondering, what interesting thing you can watch in time of Astana vacations? Though for many of Polish citizens, Kazakhstan seem too be not nice place. But it is not true. Astana, the largest metropolis in there, has amazing architecture. You’ll find in there mix of Muslim temples, modern skyscrapers and mansions build in Social realism style. Also, nightlife in there is very nice, a lot of pubs and discos are available till the morning. During your trip in Kazakhstan, you need to visit one of local restaurants. Cause cuisine of this region is very delicious, you cannot miss it.
When you have no concept where to go for future vacations, try Kazakhstan.

Since 2017 flights to this state are in really attractive prize and travel visa isn’t needed. Astana, biggest metropolis, has a lot of fascinating monuments for you to explore.