Begin collaboration with other nations

Everybody would like to buy special items. Many individuals purchase the things from day to time, some purchase many items every day. Individuals who live in cities cannot last with no purchasing products like food items, clothing, cosmetics and etc.


Most of people want the high quality products which are long lasting, functional and look awesome. Progressively companies promote their goods overseas where the kinds of items are unavailable. The majority of the items can be sold worldwide without any issues, and some of them require to have special authorizations and certificates. 1 of the nation which need the accreditation from organization holders is the Russian Federation – .

The gost certificate verifies that the provided product fulfills the regulation and it is suitable to use by the Russian resident. The russian gost certificate (–> ) is issued in every country and it can be given for given product, for chosen period of time and for one deal exclusively. When the company receives all needed papers, they can start the cooperation in the Russian marketplace. Then the another question is, where to see the contracting parts? In Russian are many favored the trade festivals where the manufacturers, wholesale owners and big shop owners see in one moment and one time.


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The top destination to find new customers are all types of fairs and presentations.

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Most of them occurs naturally in Moscow. Everbody understands, they attract guests and participants not just from the Russian Federation but also from another republics of the previous USSR. It is therefore a great possibility to build company contacts with potential new clients who are willing to get the good quality goods. Each company can take part in every trade fair event separately (they negotiate the terms of participation, hire the surface, arrange stall, reserve seats and motels, transporting exhibition materials, etc.). Nonetheless, most investors make use of the services of businesses involved in the planning of participation in trade festivals.

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