Microsoft Corporation has changed our life when they introduced the most popular programs

Each year Forbes provides the record of the most powerful companies in the industry. Ten most influential businesses are mainly associated with technology – six out of ten. Nowadays the article will explain the company which takes the 2nd position – the Microsoft company. The Microsoft Business was developed on the 4th of April 1975. The fathers of Microsoft organization are: Paul Allen and Bill Gates who started the organization in garage placed in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the United States of America.

At Present the headquater is situated in Microsoft Redmond Campus situated in Redmond, Washington, the USA. The most popular products launched by the Microsoft Corporation are:

• Windows – it is the most common system which is provided anywhere. It is still produced and made better. The first running environment was created on the twentieth of November 1985. Since that day was introduced more than 10 versions. The interesting thing is that, the Windows is offered in 137 languages. • Office – they are programs which help to compose a text like this post, make some calculations and prepare a presentation.• Dynamics – it is an equipment that is extremely practical in running the corporation and managing the stuff’s time.• Azure – it is a cloud which offers the opportunity to store items, no matter where you are.

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• Xbox – it is video gaming console which lets the player to play games not only staying at the computer desk. • Skype – it is very common communicator which enables users to conduct video chats. It is completely free and lots millions of consumers use it daily to communicate with family and pals. And more.

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