The development procedure of bespoke web applications

An online application is a computer program that works on a server and exchanges information via the Internet with a end user’s device. The application interface is usually a web browser located on a PC, tablet or smartphone.


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The realization of the application starts with the analysis of the customer’s papers. Depending on the examination of the documentation, an initial estimation is madde, which is as well a preliminary project of the online app. It is an estimate presenting the quantity of expenses to be incurred to project the application. Then, the project specification is determined. It involves a definition of all modules and functionality, links between app pieces, mathematical formulas, data for reports. Spec is an application design that includes a price estimate for every module, which is the last calculation and the offer for application creation. After accepting the project, software is realized according to the specification and functional design. If the project allows for the partition of bigger portions, the application is implemented in stages. The software is put for trials in the development environment. At this stage, modifications and adjustments are made due to the project. After successful completion of trials and acceptance of the whole product, the application is introduced on the client’s server and trials are done again.

If everything works correctly, the software is implemented in the customer’s company. As far as Polish custom software market is concerned, Objectivity Poland (from Wroclaw) is the most esteemed company, as well among international customers.