Older automobiles in the new styles gain the market. A couple sentences about the nowadays trends.

On the secondary market it is difficult to equally popular auto like the BMW E36. Unfortunately, greatly hard is to purchase model created in the 90s. The 3-generation Series in a well and original condition. Watching many of ads, you could fastly become discouraged, because plenty of autos are very used, you should see a mark unprofessional repairs are often tuned (not necessarily tasteful), and a huge part of the gasoline type has gas modification, that is standard resulted in longer motor to the worse condition.

Expensive car

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New versions are appointed with BMW apps which continuously monitor the condition of the car. It’s important that also in affordable way to transfer this data to the driver. There are many ways of communication. Greatly good answer is nbt retrofit, which clearly can be seen the info on the screen. Only a few years a biger share of brought vehicles are damaged vehicles, but their defect, in turn, are greatly big mileage – a way bigger than the one presently showing on the board! If you want to buy a nice threesome with a powerful engine, we should spend at least 10 thousand zlotys and be patient. Looking for cared copy might take many weeks, during that happens to a couple of annoying visits to the contractors, who believe that the 15-year-old car in perfect condition is one that fires and could go on their own, have a small thing like that, that all of the body parts wearing kilos of putty, must be for them negligible trifle. Apart from issues of utility among BMW apps are also a few which can to please the trip. CD player or maps let you to enjoy the trip and not be scared about the troubles on the road. All these can be controlled by the NBT retrofit.


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Unfortunately, in terms of durability it cannot be so largly valued. First of all, clients and mechanics draw attention to two important issues. They concern software parts: power and refrigeration. The most standard diseases that first is the fails of the injection pump. When the pump needs just seals the fixing value should not exceed thousand PLN, the total regeneration will constantly be greatly more expensive (the buying of a brand-new pump will value 5460 PLN). To sum up – Although moments passes fastly, the BMW 3 Series E36 still is greatly popular in the secondary market.