European patent search – why is it so necessary? All you have to know before carrying out a scientific innovation!

If you are a scientist, an entrepreneur, or simply an innoVATive guy, and you came up with a concept for a an original, brilliant technology, you perhaps should first of all confirm whether someone has not discovered it before you.


Autor: Daniel Jolivet
Internet tools permit fast and efficient inquiry of selected scientific and technical info in patent databases. Anybody can adopt patent information for their individual needs.
To meet the expectations of users of patent info, patent centers and worldwide associations disseminate through the medium of the online databases the current achievements in science and technology published in the patent record. Patent info constituting an indispensable and specific part of scientific and technical information in a free trade economy is frequently identified with the activity of scientific and manufacturing environments. The study reveals that every year, in consequence of the lack of patent information, enormous investments are incurred for the advancement of results that have long been recognized. In essence, it frequently turns out that the expenses of developing a new sim box detection will never be reimbursed for several years, because in the meantime, the exclusive rights to this invention have been received by somebody else.

That is because before starting any reasoning on a new idea, it is worthy to implement a European patent search to ensure that our effort will not be wasted. Furthermore, before paying a visit to the Patent Office, you ought to get to know the application documentation of the invention, which should meet closely determined formal requirements.