Do you need to increment your activity’s efficiency and time management? Discover the online scheduling software profits!

Productive work-time management is – in addition to the quality of services provided – the basis of every lucrative beauty salon and one of the biggest challenges which happens to face anybody who decides to run it.

Customer care, phone pickup, collaboration with coworkers, alertness, advertising activities… A spreading list of responsibilities does not make this employment any easier. Nonetheless, there are modern tools that will spare you lots of valuable time.
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Autor: Praktiker
The online scheduling software can be a kind of your special virtual secretary. It has many advantages: it knows by heart the timetable of your salon, knows your services, and also works for you 24/7. While applying it, you no longer have to care about the deficiency of time to answer phone calls from customers or to remember them to verify upcoming arrangements. The system will do it for you. It also will let clients to make arrangements fast and handily (even after office working hours!), and remember them of forthcoming arrangements, with the use of automatically sent SMS messages. What’s more, maintaining communication with your clients can be difficult if you make use of many various tools. However, if you apply the comprehensive salon software, the matter gets extraordinarily easy. All the vital functions are accessible right away. One of them is a special instrument for automatic advertising.

You will find a set of thoughtfully created promotional messages that – automatically sent by the system at the right time – will remember your customers of your salon and inspire them to come back to your thresholds.