Ideas regarding where to go during the upcoming holiday

If you do not know yet where to go on your holidays this year, do not worry. There are a lot of great locations, which you can visit without spending a fortune on plane tickets.
1 of them is in Turkey.


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As a result of many cheap flights Istanbul began to be so easily accessible as never earlier. And Istanbul is absolutely a city which worth visit. This is a city with incredible and a very long history. It may be enough to say that Istanbul was a capital of well-known empires. To begin with, it was the capital of the Roman Empire. Second, the empire known as the Byzantine Empire. Third, so called Latin Empire. Furthermore, the Byzantine Empire. And finally – possibly the most well-known – the Ottoman Empire. Because of this, Istanbul has 1 of the most interesting as well as the richest history in the entire world . In consequence, it is unquestionably a paradise for these people, that love history.

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Those days, there are also many cheap flights to Latvia. and this is another country which is very interesting and fascinating. Firstly, the capital city of Latvia, Riga, is simply amazing. It is well known for its charming architecture as well as tons of very good museums. Furthermore, there is a magical old town, that is so unique that was enrolled on the UNESCO heritage list . What’s more, Latvia is famous for its wonderful nature. 50% of Latvia’s territory consists of totally natural ecosystem.

This is plenty! There are different parks, forests as well as beaches, where you can admire great wildlife and incredible landscapes. For example, there is a place that is called Cape Kolka, where you can admire the meeting place of two “seas” (as a matter of fact, it connects the Gulf of Riga with the Baltic Sea).