Greatest destinations for vacations in Old Continent

Nowadays, thanks to cheap airline corporations, we have plenty of various tourist destinations, available from Poland. when you like, you can go to New York to visit your family, or to Australia for vacations of your lifetime. Beside, plenty of Polish travelers are selecting metropolis of western Europe, such as Barcelona and London. But there’re a lot of other alternatives, less popular, but also really attractive.

Have you ever been to Scandinavia? If not, you must to reserve flights to Sweden, right now. This amazing place is finest during summer. It is warm, but not to hot, so it’s perfect for sightseeing. You have to get a tour around Stockholm, metropolis of this land. It is stuffed with magnificent monuments. First of all, you’ll be able to


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explore in there very nice Evangelic churches, and also Catholic ones . First are from Medieval period. If you are a fan of exhibitions, you’ll find in there many of various museums about writers, sea, history and more. Also, you need to go to Malmo, very charming city located at the South part of country – it is another reason to reserve flights to Sweden.

Perhaps your relatives came from east of Europe, like from past Polish lands, which are now a part of Ukraine? If that is right, you need to book flights to Lviv. In that city you could find plenty of great objects connected to Poland, like art exhibitions and another museums. Beside, it has beautiful architecture Maybe it is not so well refreshed like buildings in Poznan or Krakow, but it’s still very pretty.


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After you choose flights to Lviv, you may consider to go for a trip trough entire Ukraine, this huge country has a lot to offer for tourists.

When you are looking for less conventional destination for vacations, you may visit Sweden or Ukraine. This countries are very great, both have plenty of attractions, every traveler could find anything for himself in each places.

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