Winter is near. How to protect your scarfskin from the negative influence?

Cold term of the year is a pretty difficult time for our skin. It is at this time exposed to many bad factors, such as temperature differences, cold, wind, precipitation, UV radiation or staying in air-conditioned places. although it is known that the icily has a good effect on our organism, it stimulates circulation and rejuvenates, it is likely to also cause significant of damage to our skin.


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In the winter because the moisture decreases, both outside and in the air-conditioned places. In addition, huge temperature differences pretty bad effect on the skin. Roughly 8 degrees above null, less sweat and sebaceous glands do not provide adequate lubrication of the epidermis. treatments in cosmetic surgery in the winter ought to focus on the balancing of the transitional shortage of fat, thereby sealing the carrying barrier of the scarfskin, moisturizing the stratum corneum, as well as restorative the defense methods of the epidermis and ensure its proper pH – via. Such a medication you are able to sign up through a beauty salon software. In the cold time of the year you should rather give up the intense peels performed in cosmetic surgery. By the spring as more appropriately to postpone medication vessel sealing. Then you are advised to use the salon booking software and sign up. In winter the clients willing to order a massage with regenerating preparations and aromatherapy oils. In winter, when systematically less we stir, massage stimulates our muscles to work, lead them heat and also good to relax and chill. You is likely to get a mail by the beauty salon software. In cold time of the year feet and arms are particularly vulnerable to frostbite and irritation.

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Therefore in cosmetic surgery are recommended to take care of intensive care of that parts of the body and use of treatments using warn wax. The medication begins with peeling to great prepare your scarfskin for the absorption of active ingredients. Then added a mask, full with nutrients and regenerating. Let’s take care of yourself during this hard period of the year. Noone better know you need our scarfskin than a expert in cosmetic surgery. The person we can trust – additional reading.