Weapons and sports equipment at the airplane

Most of voyagers that are travelling by airplane, are having normal items with them, depend on destination point. Bunch of board games, expensive alcohol, warm sweaters, swimwear and many different. But some people want to have a special type of baggage on plane with them. Sports equipment like windsurfing or ski, is allowed in plenty of airline companies. Similar is with weapons. But if you wish to take any of it to the plane, you have to know couple policies about it.

Sports equipment

A lot of passengers are traveling by plane to some tropical resorts for holidays. They are wishing to have a sun baths there, and probably go for scuba diving or windsurfing. At the winter break, many of tourist are heading to Austrian Alps for ski and snowboard, even few of them are going there by plane. Airline companies are ready to treat well all those sports enthusiasts, by allowing them to get all necessary sports equipment (mining equipment manufacturing) to the plane. Unfortunately, for a lot of it you need to buy an extra bags, cause register baggage won’t be enough. Also, you should to pack it properly before the flight . For instance, you need to remove any air from wheels of your bicykle, also you have to unhook a handlebar and paste it with your wheels, and at the and, pack your vehicle into dedicated cardboard. In oxygen bottle of your scuba diving stuff, you also have to get rid of air, and turn off all the devices. If you are a surfer, you need to make sure that your chosen carrier permit for board in their airplane, before your journey, cause couple corporations are forbidding it.


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WeaponsIf you are an enthusiast of any type of weapons, sometimes you like to get any on your journey, even by airplane. There are few laws you have to know by the time you get your tickets, if you want to keep it after passing check-in area. The most rule is that there are no possible method that anybody will permit you to take your pistol to your carry-on luggage. Even toys weapons formed for infants are harshly forbidden on board (visit this page). 48 hours before your trip, at least, you have to call helpline of your airline company to alert them about your hazardous material.


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Also, you have to take all gun permissions for each piece and ammunition you are taking, and you can’t take more then five kg of it. You can’t put if in your registered baggage, you must to buy special one, dedicated for dangerous items.

In the event of every extraordinary baggage you might wish to get to the airplane, will be good if you call your airline company before buying your ticket, and ask if it is permitted. Because different companies have different registrations. Stuff that is let in one airplane, may be forbidden in another one. So be certain you are getting all data you require before your flight, otherwise you could have some unpleasant surprises.